Robotic Palletizing Systems for Cartons and Bags

Robotic Palletizing Systems for Cartons and Bags

April 29, 2019

Acme Packaging Systems is a company that manufacturers and integrates robotic palletizing system and pallet packaging system - that meets all different customer industries.


A typical robotic palletizing and pallet packaging line normally consists of:


A robotic palletizing system consists of:

  • Robot body (of different capacity)
  • Grippers (customized to actual product and pallet)
  • Product conveyor system
  • Pallet dispenser
  • Pallet conveyor system
  • Protective guarding fence
  • Control system

Bag Palletizing:


Carton Palletizing:


This user friendly palletizing machinery is designed to keep your products safe and secure. While increasing production rates, the robotic palletizers reduce labor costs. Use this innovative technology to palletize you products with speed and precision. Extremely reliable and re-deployable, the robotic palletizers are made with specialized features.
Robot palletizer can be used at any production line, providing intelligent, robotic and network for production site it is a palletizing logistic system which can be used in the industry of beer, beverage and foodstuff etc. widely used for cartons, bags, drums, cans, shrink wrapped products etc. Packaging industrial robot is mainly applied in palletizing, de-palletizing, packing, transporting area; highly flexible packaging industrial robot automation exerts itself to improve efficiency, quality and safety.


Common stacking patterns:


Regular picking grippers:


Robotie Palletizer is widely used in Chemical, beverage, food, beer, plastic, air conditioner industry etc. Automatically stack the carton, bagged ,canned, boxed and bottled products etc on the pallet. The simple structure, less components, accessories make it easy maintenance and low maintenance cost; The Robert Palletizer takes less space and more flexible, accurate compared to the traditional palletizer. All the control can be implemented on the touch screen of the control box , easy operation can work continuously for a long time, reduce a lot of labor cost, more productive.

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