ASR80 Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

ASR80 Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine

Orbital Wrappers

ASR80 Automatic Horizontal Wrapping Machine is designed for wrapping of long profiles, such as aluminum profiles, plastic extruded profiles, pipes, timber boards & frames. Stretch wrapping is a cost effective way to protect these products against dust, moisture or scratching during transport and storage. This machine can be custom engineered according to specific products and different field requirements


Ring inner diameter: Φ800mm
Rotation speed: 0 – 60RPM, soft & start, speed adjustable by inverter
Product size:  W500 x H430mm max
Product length: ≥ 700mm
Consumables: LLDPE stretch film, T20 – 35um, W200 or 250mm, paper core 76mm, max reel diameter 200mm.
Auto clamp & cut function: enabled
Top pressure device:  manually adjustable
Conveyor:  (Standard) power rubberized roller conveyor, infeeding and exit conveyor each 1000mm L
Required power:  1PH, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Required air pressure: 0.4 – 0.6Mpa


1.The wrapper could be used to wrapping a product or banding at certain locations.
2.Automatic film clamp and cut. It could be combined with current product line to achieve fully automatic packing.
3.Product is stabilized by pressure rollers at in-feeding and exit locations.
4.Film tension could be adjustable.
5.Wrapper adopts PLC control. Easy and fast to set wrapping parameters. 
6.Stretch film overlapping adjustable.
7.Machine could be either started by foot pedal, from a button or a in-feeding signal.
8.Quality components for machine reliability.


1.Pneumatically driven top pressure, and/or device at in-feeding and exit location.
2.Conveyor could be customized according to specific requirements. Conveyor type could be rubberized roller, belt or chain.
3.Combined with an auto PE sealing machine, it could achieve Total Close Wrapping. Bubble film could also be used to enclosed the product for cushioned protection.
4.Bridge device in the wrapper for smooth conveying of short products.
5.Dual carriage system.
6.Carriage device could be customized to accommodate other packing materials from stretch film, such as woven bags.
7.Roping device for banding purpose.
8.Block insertion device to insert wooden blocks to under the product for easy transport.

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