ASP25 Heavy Duty Paper Roll Wrapping Machine

ASP25 Heavy Duty Paper Roll Wrapping Machine

Paper Roll Stretch Wrappers

ASP25 Automatic Paper Roll Wrapping Machine is designed for packing of paper rolls and woven fabrics rolls. It could provide a cocoon type packing and protect the product from damage, moisture or dust. Heavy duty turntable ensures longer use life and more stable performance. With power pre-stretch film carriage, it realizes minimum film consumption, this allows you save material cost and return on your investment soon. 



Roll size:

Ф500 - 1500m

mW500 – 1600mm

Turntable diameter:  2000mm
Load weight: 2000kg max
Load weight: 3500kg max
Packing speed: 20 – 40 roll per hour
Turntable height: 460mm (standard)
530mm (auto ejection type)
Turntable speed:  0 – 12RPM, soft start & soft stop, speed variable through inverter
Film carriage type: powered pre-stretch film carriage, ratio 250%
Control:  PLC
Consumables:  LLDPE machine use stretch film, T 17 – 35um, W500mm, paper core 76mm, max net weight 15kgs
Power:  1PH 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz,3.8kw
Outer dimensions: L3200 x W2000 x H2200mm
Machine weight: 1200kg


1.Ideal for stretch film wrapping of paper rolls and woven fabric rolls to achieve total close wrapping.
2.Wrapper adopts PLC control. Easy and fast to set wrapping parameters. 
3.The machine has manual and auto wrapping mode to max adapt to different packing needs. 
4.Automatic detection of load height by photocell.
5.Power pre-stretch film carriage, ratio 250% for film savings.
6.Film tensions adjustable.
7.Carriage speed adjustable by inverter.
Quality components to ensure machine reliability.

1.Turntable diameter 2000mm, or customized.
2.Optional auto roll ejection device for easier roll loading/unloading.
3.Optional top pressure device to stabilize the roll during wrapping. This is exceptionally good to narrow rolls.
4.Automatic weighing system.
5.Automatic film clamp & cut device.

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