Pick & Place Case Packer

Pick & Place Case Packer

Case Packers

Pick & Place Case Packer is an ultra-compact top loading case packing machine that requires smallest floor space while handling a wide range of case sizes and pack patterns. Precise top-loading of cartons, cans, bottles, bags, shrink wrapped products and other products in single or multiple layers into single or double case can be accomplished up to 20 cases per minute. Gentle product handling with vacuum or mechanical product pickup assure consistent case loading and product integrity. The Case packer features heavy-duty welded tubular steel construction, easy diagnostics PLC with touch screen controls and servo system. It’s an ideal machine for automated case handling solutions. The case packer is suitable for applications in industries such as daily commodities, food, tea, electronic products, etc.


Packing speed: 8 – 20 case/minute
Product size: customized to customer products
Applicable products: biscuits, tea, electronic, medicine, etc.
Applicable product type: square gift boxes, shrink wrapped products, bagged products, cans, bottles, etc.
Pickup way: vacuum sucker or gripper
Power: 3PH 380V, 50/60Hz, 6KW
Required air pressure: 6kg/cm²
Air consumption: 450NL/min
No. of cases per pick: 3 cases
Machine size: L2100 x W2000 x H2500mm
Weight: 1190kg

Pick & Place Case Packer Features

  • Capable of packing two cases each pick.
  • Compact design requiring smallest floor space.
  • Integrated product collation and case packing. 
  • Capable of handling various product sizes by simply replacing picking device, fast product changeovers.
  • It adopts PLC and touch screen HMI for easy setting and trouble shooting.
  • Full guarding with hinged doors and safety interlocks.
  • Guarded case packing area for safety.
  • Lack of tape or carton boxes alarm.
  • Using SS304 for product contact or food grade vacuum sucker.
  • Packing process monitoring on HMI, and output display.
  • Accommodating various packing patterns.
  • Quality components for ensured machine performance. 

  • Stainless steel structure machine
  • Multi-lance product diverter
  • Automatic case erector for case in-feed
  • Automatic case sealers to seal the cases
  • Flexible conveyor system
  • Case packer could be customized to customer’s specific requirements.

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