ASE20 Robot Pallet Wrapper

ASE20 Robot Pallet Wrapper

Semi Auto Pallet Wrappers

ASE20 Robot Pallet Wrapper (also known as mobile pallet wrapper) is a self-propelled stretch wrapper. It’s a great address to any facility looking for flexibility and a small footprint. ASE20 is able to successfully solve any requirements in wrapping to palletized and non-palletized loads. The touch screen HMI allows users to do parameter setting and program selection very easily. Security bumper prevents the machine collision against other objects or human. Q20 Robot Pallet Wrapper is the ideal machine for customers who require maximum flexibility in logistics and warehouse management.

Machine Specifications
Control System PLC programmable
Min load size 600 x 600mm
Max load size no limit
Max load height 2,000mm (optional 2,400mm, 2,800mm)
Working speed 60 meters/min max
Bottom wraps 0 - 10 rounds
Top Wraps 0 - 10 rounds
Spool carriage up/down speed 0-5 meters/min, speed variable through inverter
Consumables LLDPE machine use stretch film, T 17 – 35um, W500mm, paper core 76mm, max net weight 15kgs
Built-in-battery 2 x 12V acid battery capable of charging 1,500 times
Charging power 1PH 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Machine weight 340 kg

  1. PLC and touch screen HMI control. Easy and fast to set wrapping parameters.
  2. Easy movement of the machine from with the use of handle.
  3. Automatic detection of load height by photocell.
  4. Collision protection by security bumper.
  5. Power pre-stretch film carriage, ratio 250% for film savings.
  6. Insertion type film carriage for easy film loading and threading.
  1. Wrapping height: 2400mm or 2800mm.
  2. Mechanical brake spool carriage.

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