AST30 Automatic Pallet Wrapper & ASD30 Top Sheet Dispenser

AST30 Automatic Pallet Wrapper & ASD30 Top Sheet Dispenser

Semi Auto Pallet Wrappers

Combination of AST30 Automatic Pallet Wrapper & ASD30 Top Sheet Dispenser. The system is ideal for stretch wrapping of pallets that requires true water-proof. It has the capability of stretch wrapping the pallets and applying top foil to pallet top. According to actual packing requirements, operator can choose either stretch wrapping the pallet; or, stretch wrapping and top cover at the same time. The machine is featured by automatic film apply and cut.


Turntable diameter: 1800mm
Max load height: 2000mm
Packing speed: 20 – 30 loads/hour
Max loading weight: 2000kg
Turntable speed: 0 – 15RPM, soft start & soft stop, speed variable through inverter
Turntable height: 80mm
Film carriage type: powered pre-stretch film carriage, ratio 250%
Control:  PLC control with touch screen HMI
Work mode selection:
  • Wrapping + Top Cover
  • Wrapping Only
Automatic features: auto film clamp, cut & brush
Top foil width: 1800mm
Top foil length: set on HMI
Top foil cut method: pneumatic driven knife
  • LLDPE machine use stretch film, T 17 – 35um, W500mm, paper core 76mm, max net weight 15kgs
  • PE stretch film T50 - 60um, W1800mm, max outer core 250mm
Power: 3PH 380VAC, 50/60Hz, 3kw
Air pressure: 0.4 – 0.6Mpa

Features & Advantages

  • True water-proof configuration - pallet stretch wrapping & top foil applying enchances solid packaging to the pallets.
  • Versatile wrapping solutions - can select wrapping only, or wrapping + top cover working mode
  • Siemens PLC & touch screen control. Easy and fast to set wrapping parameters.
  • Automatic film apply and cut, combining with remote control fuction, improves packing effiency and eases the labor.
  • Automatic detection of pallet height
  • Power stretch film carriage, ratio 250% for film savings
  • Film tension adjustable
  • Easy film loading and threading
  • Safety loop protection of worker and machine.

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