AB-308 Top Seal Pallet Vertical Strapper

AB-308 Top Seal Pallet Vertical Strapper

Pallet Strappers

     Top Seal Pallet Vertical Strapper AB-308 is a fully automatic pallet strapping machine with top sealing body. The strapper can be integrated with driven and non-driven conveyor systems. In the strapping cycle, the sealing body moves towards the load from pallet top, making the tensioning and sealing right against the load. Tension from pallet top can more equally spread over the pallet.
     Top Seal Pallet Vertical Strapper is highly flexible pallet strapping machine. It can be used for strapping of multi-sized pallet loads, with different pallet length, width, & load height. The Strapping machine is also suitable for extra big, high, low or loose loads. It can be amounted with moveable guide rails and turntable conveyors, thus 2 x 2 vertical straps can be accomplished at a single point.
     Option is open for customers who requires corner board applying when strapping to protect fragile corners of products. Integrated corner board applicator applies two horizontal corner boards at pallet top corners and holds still when strapping. Corner board applying also increases load stability during transport.


Pallet size: L(600- 1200)mm x W(600-1200) x H(500 - 1900)mm
Strap materials:  PET
Strap size:  Width = 16mm, Thickness = 0.7 - 0.9mm
Cycle speed: 20 seconds/strap
Strapping tension: 200 - 250kg 
Joint type: Friction (>=85% bonding)
Sword drive type:  motor driven
Sword height:  built to conveyor height
Sealing position:  pallet top
Sword section size:  60 x 51mm
Communication interface:  Ethernet
(Optional) Corner Board Apply Corner board size: 50 x 50 x 5 x 150mm
CB magazine capacity: 60 pcs
Positioning allowance: ±10mm
Required power: 3PH 380V 5cables , 50/60Hz, 3KW
Air consumption:  100NL/min; 0.4 - 0.6MPA

Machine Features: 

  • High performance friction strapping head
  • Basic machine frame with two columns and cross beam,the lift motor drive by converter,runs more smoothly
  • Strap tension equalizer device,balanced each corner force
  • Independent strap band dispenser equipment with liner ball guide slide、electric magnet brake、buffer system ,avoid damage strapping band
  • Lance system made with aluminium profile,control by converter,more reliable and no need maintenance
  • Based on Siemens electric control system and control panel,independent control cabinet is available 

Sequence of operation:
  1. The package is conveyed into the strapping position.
  2. A volt-free signal is given from customer’s control system to the horizontal strapping machine. 
  3. The carriage with strap track module and strapping head moves downwards to the first pre-selected strapping position.
  4. The strap is fed around the track, the head and the strap track guide travel to each side of the package.
  5. The strapping cycle is started. The strap is pulled back, tensioned, sealed and cut off. 
  6. Head and strap track guide retract and the carriage moves to the next strapping position.
  7. Further straps according to pre-selected teach-in program.
  8. After completing the program, the machine sends a volt-free signal back to the conveyor control system to transport the load out of the machine.


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