AB-E20 Ergonomic Pallet Strapping Machine

AB-E20 Ergonomic Pallet Strapping Machine

Pallet Strappers

Ergonomic Pallet Strapping Machine is for vertical strapping of loaded pallets with plastic straps. Different sizes pallets can be safely and comfortably strapped without hurting the worker’s back – whole strapping process standing upright, without bending and talking around the pallets. It can strap loaded pallets as tall as 3000mm, and with cycle time 20 seconds/strap.

Total chain length: 9300mm
Pallet size: D2000mm, Height3000mm
Strap type: PP /PET
Strap roll: Φ200 /408mm
Strap Thickness: 0.6 – 1.3mm
Strap width: 12 – 19mm
Min Pallet height: 75mm
Min pallet width: 200mm
Horizontally feed speed: 40m /min
Vertically feed speed: 60m/min
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Charger Voltage: DC23.6 – 33.6V
Number of straps: up to 600mm per charge
Dimensions: L950 x W750 x H 1250mm
N.W.: 105kg

  1. Easy & healthy way of strapping – standing upright, without bending or walking around the pallet, without injuring operator backbones.
  2. Quick & efficient – requires only one man, and cycle time below 20 seconds per strap.
  3. Versatile - battery operated and mobile
  4. Compatible – it can strap different sizes pallets, high as 3000mm, and length as 2000mm.

Battery operated hand strapping tool

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