AB-305 Automatic Horizontal Pallet Strapper

AB-305 Automatic Horizontal Pallet Strapper

Pallet Strappers

AB-305 is an automatic horizontal pallet strapping machine with side mounted sealing body. The strapper can be integrated with driven and non-driven conveyor systems. In the strapping cycle, the sealing body moves towards the load before tensioning, making the tensioning and sealing right against the load. With sealing body stroke of 250mm, precise strap guidance and positioning, AB-305 Strapper is the ideal machine for most pallet packing. 



Pallet size: L(700- 1200)mm x W(700-1200)mm
Arch size:  W 1400 * D1500mm
Applicable straps: PP /PET
Cycle speed: 20 seconds/strap
Strapping tension: 15 – 70 kg 
Loading weight: refer to conveyor
No. of straps: dependent on external signal
Strap size: width 9/12/15/19mm;  thickness 0.6 to 1.1 mm
PET reel size: Φ406mm
Sealing position: side seal, hot melt
Sealing body stroke: 250mm
Minimum conveyor height required: 550mm
Required power: 3PH 200 /380V, 50/60Hz, 3kw
Machine dimensions: L3180*W1877*H3400mm

1.Horizontal pallet strapper is an ideal packing machine to integrate into a palletizing and packing line to have fully automatic PP/PET strapping. 
2.It adopts PLC control with touch screen HMI. All wrapping parameter setting from the screen. Easy to operate.
3.Auto siren of strap delivery failure, strapping failure or lack of straps.
4.Both PP and PET straps could be used.
5.Sealing body stroke 250mm to adapt to different load size.


1.Arch size could be customized to actual needs. 
2.Top pressure device could be mounted for loose loads.
3.Optional all types of conveyors, chain, roller or board conveyors.

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